Kuyichi X BlueLOOP

KUYICHI X BlueLOOP collaboration

Worn KUYICHI Jeans are born again. In collaboration with BlueLOOP Originals, we have recycled our worn and torn jeans into a beautiful new scarf. Recycled and knitted in Holland.


Recycling process: From jeans to scarf

‘Worn to Reborn’ is Blue LOOP Originals’ mission to give a new life to worn jeans. Old KUYICHI jeans are unraveled into denim fibers. These form the basis of Blue LOOP Originals’s DNA. Recycled wool and virgin cotton are mixed with the denim fibers and spun into brand new yarn. This thread is knitted into this beautiful scarf. The scarf is available at €59,95 at Nukuhiva stores in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Did you know that 640 million jeans are burnt or thrown away in Europe annually?


About Blue LOOP Originals
Blue LOOP Originals designs and creates clothing made out of recycled denim. This sustainable Dutch fashion brand raises a voice against the growing waste of cotton. Their mission is ‘WORN TO REBORN’. Worn Jeans are given a second life by reprocessing these to comfortable basics for men and women.