Floortje Dessing launches KUYICHI store in Den Bosch (NL)

Floortje Dessing, co-owner of fair fashion store Nukuhiva launches a new fashion store in city centre Den Bosch dedicated to KUYICHI jeans.

KUYICHI had always been a valuable asset tot the Nukuhiva stores, when the brand ran into financial trouble earlier this year. Floortje and her associates Peter Schuitema and Guido Keff initiated a rescue to ensure KUYICHI’s renaissance.

Floortje: ’KUYICHI is such a beautiful Dutch brand. It shows – like no other – that fair trade and sustainability can be cool and fashionable’.

The Den Bosch store will sell both brand new KUYICHI apparel as well as other labels and accessories that embrace sustainable production.

Store manager Erik Kuijsten: ‘We called the store ‘’KUYCHI & Friends’’. That covers it all. The ambiance of the Den Bosch’ inner city is a perfect match with our formula of slow selling. We are so excited to move in a beautiful monumental space in Kolperstraat 23’.

The grand opening is Saturday 10 December, 17:00 hours.