Save the oceans

Underwaterproject – Think about plastic

“The biggest threat to this planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

The oceans are said to be under an unprecedented threat as never before with pollution, overfishing and the effect of climate change severely damaging the health of our oceans.
The importance of a clean and vital ocean for us is immense; 70% of the oxygen we breath comes from marine plants, 97% of the Earth’s water supply is contained in the ocean and 30% of CO2 emissions produced by humans are absorbed by the oceans. Not to speak of the essential bio- and ecosystems the oceans behold.
And than on top of that, Donald Trump. It doesn’t really help that the world leader calls climate change fake news and with one minor handmovement draws a bold line through a major agreement. The Paris Climate Agreement; an agreement that includes all nations except for Syria and Nicaragua, and the US now.

As pollution of the oceans may sound abstract, here are some facts and figures (brace yourself).
– 50% of all plastic packaging is only used once. In fact, plastic bags on an average only get used for about 15 minutes
– It takes plastic about 400 to 1000 years to dissolve
– This means that every plastic item you, your parents and grandparents ever touched still exists in some form or the other, that is unless it was part of the lucky 5% that got recycled
– 8% of the global oil production is used to produce plastic.
– That is 300+ million tonnes (no clue what that is in KG? 300.000.000.000kg)
– Now there is a staggering more than of plastic yearly ending up in the oceans.

This underwater project is about our ‘throwaway-culture’. It is based around three massively used plastic items; the plastic bag, plastic beverage bottle and the coffee to go cup. Three items that serve us only minutes, but after, will stick around for 400 to 1000 years. Although these plastics are more and more seen as ‘not too good for the environment’ the actual impact of it too most still is quite abstract. The goal of this project is to get people more conscious of our daily plastic usage, how this is now completely incorporated in our lifestyles and the impact it has on the earth.


The project is shot by photographer Marc Haers, who shot campaigns for denim brand Denham jeans and the bigger printed tittles, and recently shot a documentary for non-profit JustDiggit in Kenya. Jordy Casteleijn worked as a business-analist at Ahold and now is focused on climate change and how to grow consciousness around this. Nowadays he works for foundation Green City Buzz, is a speaker and organises creative projects around our lifestyles and consciousness. He for example biked from London to Amsterdam on a folding-bike to create more consciousness of our dependence of transport facilities like cars, scooters and airplanes. This time plastic was up. On Instagram he serves his almost 32k followers regularly some earth & sustainability related images. (and with his 1.97m he can’t permit himself any climate change as his hometown Amsterdam is on an average -2m below sea level)

On this project the following brand collaborated; Dopper, Dick Moby, People Tree, Filippa K, Nissan Leaf & Kuyichi.