Kuyichi X Jean School

Kuyichi X Jean School Collaboration Part II

KUYICHI believes in the inspiring vision of the next generation of denim professionals, therefore we collaborate with the second year class of the Jeanschool in Amsterdam! Now that the KUYICHI x JEANSCHOOL Collaboration has nearly come to an end we’ve visited the Jeanschool one last time. We’ve checked with the students and their designs one […]


Blazinbell: ‘Each product deserves your love and energy, Take your time to create and people will notice.’

Amsterdam based designer Blazinbell believes a product deserves her love, energy and time. KUYICHI agrees with this way of approaching design, shouldn’t we all love the products we create deeply? Over the past few years KUYICHI and Blazinbell collaborated multiple times for many beautiful reasons. Her handcrafted garments are built out of a zero waste […]

Lena shopspot

Lena The Fashion Library – ‘There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come’

Do you live in Amsterdam? Consider yourself lucky! LENA, an innovative concept established by four future-minded women opened her doors a few months ago! Quality, sharing and re-using are key elements at this fashion library. Just like Kuyichi, the ambitious founders wanted to create more awareness around mass-consumption and inspire others to think before you […]

Kuyichi X Jean School

Kuyichi X Jean School Collaboration

At Kuyichi, we think it’s important to inspire the ones around us and share the knowledge we have rather than keeping it to ourselves. We are part of a bigger plan and sharing knowledge with each other will only contribute to the greater good and our ideals. Kuyichi believes in the inspiring vision of the […]

Johannes Strate

Responsible Rockstar Johannes Strate: ‘In comparisons with our parents and grand parents we have no excuses’

Rock & roll is all about sex, drugs & alcohol, right? You thought wrong! Johannes Strate, frontman of the succesful German band Revolverheld, shows how to make great music with his band and be conscious at the same time! Kuyichi talked with this inspirational musician about his perspective on sustainablity, the next generation and his […]

Kuyichi factory

Kuyichi opens its factory doors

Haarlem, The Netherlands – Kuyichi, the sustainable denim brand will communicate fully transparent about its production chain. It is now possible to find out how, where and by whom the Kuyichi products are made. Unique in the fashion industry, which is often under attack because of poor working conditions of factory workers and environmental pollution. […]

Kuyichi X Jean School

Kuyichi X Jean School Salvage Challenge

At KUYICHI, we aim to share our knowledge and raise awareness for sustainability and recycling, one fair pair of jeans at the time. That’s why we challenged Jean Schoolstudents to create a collection of cool denim garments from leftover fabrics. They gladly accepted! Read on to discover the students’ first ideas for salvaged denim goods.

Kuyichi X Inti

New arrivals with a fair story: Meet the Inti Knitters

For KUYICHI’s Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection, we collaborated with the independent handmade knitwear label INTI. Each garment is entirely handcrafted by one of the lovelyINTI knitters. Sometimes they knit at home, alone, or surrounded by their family. When the weather is nice they gather outside and work together while chatting. The personal touch of each […]

The rising of Patrice

The rising of Patrice: ‘You don’t need so much to be happy!’

Ever since Patrice exchanged his school bench for the world stage, the star of this Sierra Leonan-German singer-songwriter has been rising. He opened for Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation Tour, toured with the Black Eyed Peas, and once his third album ‘Nile’ dropped in 2005, his career soared. His style is a free and eclectic mix of […]

Joshua Katcher

Joshua Katcher: ‘Veganism is an exciting and innovative lifestyle’

If you thought that vegans live off salads, look pale and wear shapeless hemp jumpers: meet Joshua Katcher. On top of being a successful visual artist and effortlessly stylish businessman, he is a non-preachy animal rights activist, who enjoys his bowl of steamed kale as much as his (vegan) bacon cheeseburger. Since the Guardian dubbed […]