Tencel™ Lyocell: the biodegradable fabric you need to discover

You might’ve seen the term Tencel or lyocell a few times if you read your clothes’ care label. And not without reason, these sustainable fibres have become more popular in the last few years. But what is it exactly? And why is it better than some other fabrics available on the market?

What is Tencel™ lyocell?

Lyocell is a cellulose fibre made from wood, just like the better-known rayon or viscose. Tencel™ Lyocell is the award-winning brother of lyocell, made by Lenzing. This Austrian company makes certified cellulose fibres in a circular process and is made of wood from a sustainably managed forest. Tencel’s texture is soft to the touch and feels breathable. Tencel also has quick-drying properties, making it the perfect option for a sweaty, warm day!


How is the Tencel™ lyocell fabric made?

All Tencel is made from cellulose fibres. Cellulose is the primary substance in plant cell walls to strengthen plants and wood and keep them standing tall. Once the wood is shredded into wood chips, they are dissolved in an organic solvent. This solvent turns the chips into a paste. The paste is pushed through tiny holes to create threads in the next step. These threads can then be spun into yarn and later woven into soft Tencel fabric.

Why do we use Tencel™ lyocell fabric?

Tencel is a low-impact fibre with a low water footprint. Trees use a lot less water compared to cotton plants. A lower impact means purer goods! We’re guaranteed that the wood used for Tencel™ fibres comes from sustainably managed forests. It is certified by FSC or PEFC, accredited standards for managing forests. These standards prove that the forest has been managed to preserve biodiversity and that no illegal logging is involved!

The use of a closed-loop production process is the biggest difference between regular viscose and Tencel lyocell. A closed-loop production process means all substances used are closely monitored to ensure the impact is as low as possible. It also means that over 99% of the inputs are captured and recycled. The closed-loop process makes it possible to keep reusing the chemicals instead of needing to renew and dispose of them constantly. Better for our planet!

Tencel fibres are cellulose based, so they are completely natural. Lenzing also certified them as biodegradable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions. Pieces of clothing made from Tencel are, therefore, able to return to our precious earth fully. You could just put your clothing item in the ground and it will completely dissolve!

"FSC and PEFC prove that the forest has been managed to preserve biodiversity and that no illegal logging is involved!"

How to take care of Tencel™ Lyocell products

The fine texture of this fabric means it is incredibly soft to the touch and kind to your skin. It is also easy to take care of your Tencel clothing. Tencel can be washed on a short and cool cycle which can greatly reduce the impact of its life cycle!

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