Happy #Earthday! This is a day all about showing some appreciation and a little bit of love for our planet. But it doesn’t stop here, to truly make a difference we should all contribute to the wellbeing of our earth. We at Kuyichi do this by making sure our city is a little more green and we are planning on planting more green in our surroundings. On top of this, we are planning on donating 20% of our revenue to the local charity organization ‘Guerrilla Gardeners ’ in Utrecht.

The reason we have decided to contribute to the support of our earth, and convince you to do the same, is because we think every small action does truly make a difference. It’s no secret that climate change is actively contributing to the deterioration of our planet, and we as humans are surely responsible for this. Think of the continuous construction of industrial estates, freeways, and houses that take in space which is crucial for our nature.

Both us and Guerrilla Gardeners believe we can redeem ourselves and find new and innovative ways to protect our earth. We believe that it all starts with ourselves. This might seem small, and perhaps it feels as if you alone cannot make such a big impact. However, that is not the case. Planting more green in your local area can already do so much. And if we all individually just take a moment during this day to show some appreciation for our planet, we can go a very long way.

The more green in your city, the better! There are many benefits to gardening green. We all know that more trees contribute to our oxygen. (And they are also pretty convenient when trying to find a place in the shadow during those hot days). However, there are also some other benefits which you might not know about yet: Did you know that more green in your city can better impact the drainage during heavy downpours? It also ensures that our temperature is better controlled on hot days.

A study conducted by Hogeschool of Amsterdam has shown us that the evaporation of leaves and grass sprinkles can considerably cool down the air. If the planting of trees can increase by 10 percent, the average air temperature on a warm summer day could decrease by one degree. This might not seem like much, but it can make a significant difference, according to Laura Kleereklopper from the HvA. It also is important to consider that more green in the city specifically, can better influence the average air temperature than a large park outside or next to the city.

We hope this can give you a little more insight as to why green in your area is extremely important for our planet. Together with Guerrilla Gardeners, we want to make a difference. Guerrilla Gardeners believe that your garden alone can make a great impact. We can all start small by planting green in our garden or balcony, which ensures that our local cities are a bit greener. And thereby making our planet a better place.