Nora Loose Tapered Faded Blue
Meet Nora, the best mom fit you’ll ever wear. Her high waist and loose tapered legs give you a relaxed look and the fabric is both firm and comfy. Nora’s ‘80’s inspired silhouette makes her the perfect fit for all...
Nick Straight Lived In
This straight fit has a regular waist and has a straight fit all the way down. Nick is known to be comfortable to wear and stands out in his cool details on the waist. This raw Lived In wash uses...
Kale Skinny Black Used
Meet your favourite skinny jeans. Kale has a regular waist and skinny legs. This is a very flexible fit that can be worn in different ways, depending on your body type (for men with slimmer legs, Kale can be worn...
Sawtooth Shirt Worker Blue Women
Because everyone needs a cool denim shirt. Of course, we wouldn't be Kuyichi if this shirt didn't have our signature Sawtooth chest pockets and a snap button closure. The Sawtooth shirt is ethically made in Turkey by Dinateks Material Composition...
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