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Kuyichi signs the Transparency Pledge

  “Take a stand”, “make a fist” and “be conscious in what you buy”. We can endlessly keep throwing statements, and for sure we will since the fashion industry absolutely needs that radical change, but how can we expect from you to make a conscious choice when the journey behind clothing items remains untraceable? On […]


Who make our clothes? How we work with our suppliers

  It’s Fashion Revolution Week. An important week, in which the entire sustainable fashion industry focuses on brands to become more transparent about their supply chain. Who make our clothes? Where are they sourced and produced? And, most importantly, under which circumstances? To us, ethical production and transparency aren’t things that we’ve started doing recently, […]

Floortje Dessing Soorty

New supplier Soorty

A brand new Kuyichi collection is coming soon. This collection is made by our new supplier Soorty. Soorty is a manufacturer of denim garments, established in 1983 and located in Pakistan. And is a leading company when it comes to sustainability and innovation. They are a big company who work for several – denim – brands with […]

Kuyichi factory

Kuyichi opens its factory doors

Haarlem, The Netherlands – Kuyichi, the sustainable denim brand will communicate fully transparent about its production chain. It is now possible to find out how, where and by whom the Kuyichi products are made. Unique in the fashion industry, which is often under attack because of poor working conditions of factory workers and environmental pollution. […]

Kuyichi X Inti

New arrivals with a fair story: Meet the Inti Knitters

For KUYICHI’s Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection, we collaborated with the independent handmade knitwear label INTI. Each garment is entirely handcrafted by one of the lovelyINTI knitters. Sometimes they knit at home, alone, or surrounded by their family. When the weather is nice they gather outside and work together while chatting. The personal touch of each […]