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We're very proud to announce that almost all of our Pure Goods are officially PETA approved! PETA provides companies and consumers with a list to identify and avoid animal ingredients in textiles, shoes and accessories. To ensure our suppliers are compliant with the PETA certificate, we provide all our suppliers with our own questionnaire which they have to check and sign to confirm that they do not use animal contents in the garments with the PETA approved trademark.


Refibra is the next step for Lenzing to reduce their environmental impact. This certified man-made fibre is made with the same closed-loop technique as Tencel, in which they re-use the solvents over and over again. The difference is that they use not only wood pulp, but also cotton cutting waste from production. With an innovative identification technique the origin of the cotton waste is guaranteed. Their end goal is to use post-consumer waste and becoming an active key partner in the transition towards the circular economy.

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