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Since we now offer a dry denim jacket and jeans for the true denimheads, we thought you could use a nice refreshing denim spray as well. This is why we called our friends at DFNS, a fellow Dutch brand on a quest to create the greatest and greenest lifestyle care products out there, so you can do what you love while loving the planet. 

This specific spray is a biodegradable, water-based spray that refreshes, reshapes, and revives denim without needing to wash them: The wash-free way to refresh your denim!

Plus, it’s safer for you, your jeans, and the planet. BOOM.

- Water-based | Free of fluorocarbons
You no longer need to choose between staying fresh or preserving the integrity of your denim with our unique formula that reshapes and revives your jeans. 

DFNS' refreshing technology doesn’t just mask bad odours, it neutralises them, leaving your denim with a light, natural, green tea scent. Their Denim Launder is manufactured in a people and planet-friendly facility that abides by the AISE charter, a voluntary EU initiative that promotes and facilitates a common industry approach to safety and sustainability.

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DFNS Denim Spray