Get Away Spots in The Netherlands

With the summertime hanging just around the corner, all of us are in the mood to wind down and get away, even if it's just for one or two days. During these uncertain times, it is difficult to spontaneously plan a vacation abroad. However, even though vacations are considered to be more fun abroad, the Netherlands also has some great spots to visit if you just want to get out for a minute, and do something fun and adventurous. So, with that being said, we would like to introduce you to some gems located in the Netherlands which you can easily visit, without any troubles.

Old windmills of Kinderdijk

The Netherlands is obviously known for its large yellow clogs, colorful tulips, and……. windmills! Did you know you can go back a little in time and find the oldest windmills in the Netherlands in Kinderdijk? The windmills of Kinderdijk have been placed in UNESCO's world heritage list since 1997, which makes it a unique cultural piece. You can find these windmills only 15km east from Rotterdam!


Ever visited Terschelling? It is one of the five wadden Islands. These are small Islands North from the Netherlands. They’re great to visit during the summer. What’s so special about Terschelling is that it's very lightly polluted. Therefore, it has the first of the ‘dark sky part’ of the country in nature park “De Boschplaat”, where you can easily view the stars at night. A great spot to visit at night! Overall, Terschelling has lots of nature to offer and also has 20% more sun than the rest of the Netherlands.

Tiny House

You might’ve heard of the concept ‘Tiny House’. Tiny houses are small accommodations where someone can live or stay during their vacation. Tiny houses originated from the idea of ​​consuming less and using more from what you have, which is currently more relevant than ever. So, going on vacation and remaining environmentally conscious, that sounds like more than just a fair deal! You can find all sorts of tiny houses in the Netherlands, some close to nature, as well as a couple in the middle of the city. So, many options to choose from!

Plantage Rococo

If you’ve been checking our socials you might be familiar with this one, Hotel Rococo! This is a great getaway hotel which is 100% sustainable. Here, you can become one with nature. It's a great garden with many birds that is very calming and allows for a natural atmosphere. Here, you can unwind and try to live in the moment in their large garden where you can find many different fauna and flora. They also have a vegan-friendly restaurant, kumuchabar, lobby, meeting room, grand café, and bakery cafe. So, there are loads of great options for you to explore and enjoy yourself!