Jamie Slim Dry Selvedge


You either love him or hate him: Jamie Dry Selvedge. It might sound gross but Jamie Dry Selvedge doesn’t like to be washed, at least for the first six months. When you’ve just met him you may feel that he’s a bit sturdy, but he’ll grow on you if you give it some time. The dry selvedge will turn it into your unique one-of-a-kind denim, as the jeans will fade according to how you wear it. Jamie Dry Selvedge is all about the details, that’s why he has a nice looking seam, which in denim jargon is called selvedge. He has a regular waist and slim legs. Just like the rest of his Kuyichi family he is a hardcore vegan and made of GOTS certified organic cotton.

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100% Organic Cotton, 12.25oz Denim

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Made in Turkey Cotton by Akasya Fabric by Bossa Cut-Make-Trim by Dinateks

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The Jamie Dry Selvedge is a vegan denim with a jacron patch on the back. The organic cotton used for this denim is GOTS certified. Cotton certification: GOTS Fabric certification: OCS, OEKO-TEX

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