Lisa Slim Worn Indigo


Lisa is what we call a social butterfly, it’s hard to find someone who can’t get along with her. Lisa is a slim girl who always has your back, because of her regular waist which is slightly tilted. Just like most members of the Kuyichi family, she is a hardcore vegan. Due to the recycled denim fibres, she feels reborn, but she would never brag about it.

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79% Organic Cotton
20% Post-Consumer Recycled Cotton
1% Elastane

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Made in Turkey
Cotton from Akasya
Fabric by Bossa
Cut-Make-Trim by SARP

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The Lisa Worn Indigo is a vegan denim, with a jacron patch on the back. To decrease the impact of this denim we used 20% post-consumer recycled denim. This is cotton sourced from old discarded jeans by GAMA in Turkey. The top of the jeans is cut off, after which the remains are shredded and then blended by Bossa into new yarns. The organic cotton that is used is GOTS certified.

Cotton certification: GOTS
Fabric certification: OCS blended & GRS certified

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