Want to know how to care for our clothes properly and at the same time contribute to a greener climate? Then you’re at the right address. We take responsibility by keeping our water and energy consumption in our supply chain as low as possible, but YOU can also make a difference! We want to give you wash & care tips to live by, along with an explanation of the care label icons, and some more specific advice on how to take care of your items according to the materials used in our products. We hope this provides a complete overview and supports you in your use phase so that you can enjoy your items for as long as possible!

How to read your care label?


  • Hand in a tub symbol: hand wash with a maximum temperature of 40°C

  • Tub symbol: garment can be washed in the washing machine

  • Number in the tub symbol: maximum temperature

  • Bars underneath the tub: 

    • No bar: normal process

    • One bar: mild process

    • Two bars: very mild process

  • Symbol with cross: do not wash


  • Circle inside a square symbol: tumble drying is possible

  • Dots inside the symbol:

    • 1 dot: low temperature, exhaust temperature max. 60°C

    • 2 dots: normal temperature, exhaust temperature max. 80°C

  • Symbol with a bar inside the square: flat drying

  • Symbol with cross: do not tumble dry


  • Iron symbol: garment can be ironed at any temperature

  • Dots inside the symbol:

    • 1 dot: temperature of 110°C

    • 2 dots: temperature of 150°C

    • 3 dots: temperature of 200°C

  • Symbol with cross: do not iron


  • Triangle symbol: any bleaching agent is allowed

  • Stripes in the triangle symbol: only oxygen and non-chlorine bleach allowed

  • Symbol with cross: do not bleach

If you don’t see the symbol that you’re searching for, click here to find out more