Kuyichi x Indigo Ravens in GreenUp Utrecht

Kuyichi x Indigo Ravens: rescued, remade, reworn

To move towards circularity, we need to make things last longer. That’s why Kuyichi and Indigo Ravens have joined forces to give ‘unsellable’ and previously worn denim a second chance. Garments that remain unworn are one of the biggest challenges of circularity. Since 2021, you can give back or repair your denim at the Green UP warehouse in Utrecht. Or find a unique upcycled denim item to love.


As we see it as our responsibility to ensure our products don’t go to waste, we are always looking for new ways to extend our products' lives. Our products are focused on quality and longevity to ensure you can cherish these timeless pieces for a very long time, making them suitable for more than one owner in their lifetime. When we met Petra van de Laar from Indigo Ravens and saw her amazing upcycling pieces, we knew we could do something great together. Her upcycled Kuyichi pieces are now available in the city centre of Utrecht, in Green UP, the largest sustainable department store in the Netherlands.


Hand in your old Kuyichi denim 

In a dedicated section of the basement, Petra van de Laar from Indigo Ravens makes the most beautiful, unique pieces out of Kuyichi denim. Petra collects, upcycles and sells the reworked denim collection.  

In the Kuyichi x Indigo Ravens shop, you can hand in your used Kuyichi jeans. Petra will make sure they will find a new purpose. She uses both these handed-in secondhand jeans and unsold pieces with minor defects. The collected items are then repaired or reworked into various unique items, from patchwork jackets to bucket hats or even made-to-measure items. You can find remade items to buy off the rack or discuss your preferences for a custom-made item. If you’re lucky, you can see her working her upcycle magic live in the store.

Green UP Utrecht and their mission

While visiting our upcycle shop, you might as well take a tour of the Green UP warehouse. The warehouse holds many sustainable businesses, from fashion to beauty products, household items, vintage furniture and even a vegetarian restaurant. All the business owners at Green UP have sustainability at their core and are committed to making a change. Green UP aims to show consumers that there is a sustainable solution for all different parts of their daily lives. Consider having a stroll and be inspired by the sustainable solutions you find and the local products on offer.

"My brand stands for timeless design, passion for craftsmanship and respect for the fabric" - Petra van de Laar

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