Our eco-friendly packaging, provided by Noissue

The different types of sustainable packaging 

Noissue’s eco-friendly packaging is divided into three different categories: recycled, reusable and compostable packaging. We’re happy to be using their 100% compostable mailers. The mailers are stretchable and waterproof, making sure your pure goods arrive safely at your doorstep. The sustainable packaging is classic Kuyichi! A solid orange mailer, colourful and environmentally friendly.


How to dispose of compostable packaging

To dispose of the compostable packaging in a way that is best for the environment, you first need to remove anything that does not belong in the compost bin. That means plastic, labels and any tape that has been put on the mailer. If you have a home compost bin, then you can put the sustainable packaging in there and in a few short months it will be worm food. If you do not have a home compost bin, maybe now is the time to start setting one up. If you live in an urban area, where space is at a premium and home composting is not quite viable you can find out if there is a shared compost in your neighbourhood. If not, our advice is to throw it away in your normal trash, because the organic waste processors are not yet equipped for processing compostable packaging.

How our eco-friendly packaging fights deforestation

Not only are we using Noisue’s sustainable packaging, but we are also a part of their eco-alliance, as both visions of Noissue and Kuyichi align. The eco-alliance helps to regrow forests. With every order we make, Noissue will plant trees in areas of need, to fight global deforestation. Deforestation is an ongoing problem that needs more awareness. Together with Noissue, we hope to make a change. You will find the eco-alliance logo on our mailers, and we hope that by joining forces in the eco-alliance we can be part of the solution. However, a lot more work still needs to be done and more awareness needs to be raised on the impact that packaging waste has on deforestation.

With this next step for our brand, we hope to make a difference by minimising the negative impact on our planet and swapping plastic packaging for compostable packaging. We admire Noissue's mission to encourage other businesses to make the sustainable choice and use eco-friendly packaging. We are excited to be their partner.

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