T400® Ecomade; Stretch that lasts

Stretch denim that keeps its shape. Doesn’t this sound like a dream? T400® Ecomade, made by Lycra, makes it possible for you to enjoy the comfiest jeans. Lycra is pushing to deliver comfortable stretch with a low environmental impact. But what is T400® Ecomade? And why is it called “eco”?

What is T400 Ecomade?

T400® Ecomade is an innovative stretch fibre from the renowned company Lycra. It’s composed of one part recycled PET polyester, one part plant-based polymers and one part virgin polyester. To be exact, T400® Ecomade is made from 18% plant-based polymers, made from plants like corn, and 50% recycled PET polyester.

T400® Ecomade is a great alternative for stretch denim, where usually the stretch fibre consists of solely virgin polyester. It can be used for these same stretch denim designs with resources that are more environmentally friendly while still providing the same features and even better performance!


How is T400® Ecomade made?

The T400® Ecomade fibre is made in an eco-responsible production process. The fibres we use in our jeans are produced in Lycra’s production facilities in the UK and Singapore. T400® fibres are made through melt spinning. A paste is made by heating the different fibres. The paste is then pushed through a spinneret with tiny holes to create a single thread. The T400® technology melt-spins two polymers into a single fibre thread, a special architecture that creates the durable stretch we’re looking for. 

The two polymers' shrinkage ratios are different, which results in a spring effect. It is like a spring that you find in your ballpoint pen, whereas you can think of elastane as an elastic band which stretches out when you pull on it. The T400® technology bounces back stronger!

Once these springlike T400® Ecomade fibres are spun together, they can be blended with other fibres, for example, organic cotton, to make for a comfortable stretch fabric. Et voila, the comfiest jeans are born!

Why do we use  T400® Ecomade fabric?

One of the essential features of T400® Ecomade is the longevity it adds to the garment. It has a high tearing strength and is highly durable. The T400® fibre components react to your body heat to create a comfortable stretch. It will bring you that custom-made feeling, like the fit is made just for you! As said before, T400® bounces back, which means your jeans will keep the original shape for far longer than regular stretch materials like elastane or nylon. Byebye saggy jeans! 

Providing a more environmentally friendly stretch in our jeans is also very important to us. The T400® Ecomade fibres are GRS certified, which means it lives up to the GRS environmental, chemical and social requirements. Using recycled PET, like plastic water bottles, means less waste will end up in landfills. However, we recommend washing jeans with T400® Ecomade in a microplastic catcher, like a Guppyfriend, to avoid microplastics entering water waste.

"The T400® Ecomade fibre reacts to your body heat to create a comfortable stretch"

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