We like to keep things clear and transparent. Transparency is the first step toward a sustainable supply chain. If you know where your products are produced, you can start to improve practices throughout the chain. We’re proud to work with every single one of our partners. That’s why we choose to explicitly name and explain all of our suppliers below.

Our suppliers are also submitted to the Open Supply Hub and we have committed to the Transparency Pledge. Read more about this here. In line with this pledge, you can download a searchable supplier list of our current suppliers below. We will update both at least bi-annually. If you want to learn more about our journey towards a more sustainable future, download our latest Sustainability Report below.


  • LOCATION – Izmir, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 42
    PRODUCTS – Embroidery
    LAST VISIT – 2023

    Akcakaya Textiles is a producer that has a sustainable mindset. Their facility is powered by renewable energy and they try to do as much organic production as possible, or as they say themselves: ” We believe that taking care of mother earth is a serious responsibility and that’s why all Akcakaya Textile designs are created with nature in mind. “

    Akcakaya is a verified subcontractor we use in the production of our jeans produced by SARP. They take care of the embroidery work on our denim, such as our Kuyichi back pocket stitching.

  • LOCATION - Izmir, Türkiye
    WORKERS - 20
    PRODUCTS - Knitwear
    LAST VISIT – 2023

    Büşra Triko is our knitwear supplier for our knits and knitted accessories. It is a family-owned business that was founded in 1996 in Izmir, Turkey. Some of their workers have been working there since the first day. There is a big focus on craftsmanship and preserving old knowledge for new generations.

    Our knits by Büşra Triko products are certified by GOTS and made in their eco-friendly factory. Their ultimate goal is to produce fashion without leaving any negative footprint. Therefore they’ve invested in solar panels that cover every inch of their roof. The sun powers up to 80% of their total production.

  • LOCATION – Izmir, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 18
    PRODUCTS – Screenprinting
    LAST VISIT – September 2022

    In every denim, we have an inside pocket print on the front right pocket. It's like a canvas we use to tell a story about our jeans. We do this to remind you, every time you go for a number 1 or 2, that you have bought a denim with a story. These prints in all SARP-made jeans are screen printed by CNS Tekstil.

    CNS Tekstil was founded in 1988 and has grown over the years from a 150 m2 workshop to a 3000 m2 textile printing company. This GOTS-certified print supplier is a long-time partner of SARP and is located close by.

  • LOCATION – Izmir, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 55
    LAST VISIT – September 2022

    Egemen washes all denim by SARP jeans. As a longtime partner of SARP, they are audited under GOTS together. They’ve jointly worked to improve the laundry, by implementing innovative machinery and reducing the environmental impact on their washes.

    As a Jeanologia laundry, they can measure all their washes with the Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM). This gives us insights into all the steps of the washing process and the amounts of water, energy, kind of chemicals, and the worker impact. With this tool, we can work together to lower the environmental impact of the laundry process.

  • LOCATION - Instanbul, Türkiye
    WORKERS - 100
    PRODUCTS - Shirts and sweaters
    LAST VISIT - 2024

    Hüseyin Aras established Meltem Textile company in 1999 after being in textile manufacturing with his four brothers since 1986. As an experienced family business, they create high-quality T-shirts and sweaters for us. They are focused on implementing new technologies and strong technical knowledge. Furthermore, Meltem Textile values social and environmental responsibility. Their textile waste is separately collected and recycled for other textile products. They are SMETA audited every year and are GOTS, GRS, OCS, and RCS certified.

  • LOCATION – Izmir, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 48
    PRODUCTS – Shirts
    CERTIFICATION – GOTS, OCS, RCS, BSCI and Fair Wear audited
    LAST VISIT – 2024

    Merger is our shirt maker in Türkiye, located in Izmir. They produce the most beautiful shirts for us, from oxford fits to wide and flowy fits. They're a young team of workers who started the business back in 2007. From the beginning they've specialised in shirts, to make sure that they can deliver the highest quality.

    Merger shows big efforts when it comes to social and environmental responsibility. They've obtained different certificates over the past couple of years since they've also started to commit to organic production. The products by hand are GOTS-certified or made with manmade fibers from Lenzing. Besides, their facility is audited by both BSCI and Fair Wear. We love that we have a shared vision when it comes to responsible production and quality and are sure we'll add more products by hand to our collection.

  • LOCATION - Izmir, Türkiye
    WORKERS - 20
    PRODUCTS - Garment Dyes
    LAST VISIT - September 2022

    Parboy was founded in 2013, in Izmir, Türkiye. They are a leading company when it comes to sustainability and innovation. Thanks to their innovative and up-to-date factory we can ensure low-impact dyeing processes for our pants and t-shirts. 

    At Parboy they only use GOTS-approved chemicals, which means their processes are always chemically safe, for humans and the environment. They are also experimenting with natural dyes. Their double wastewater filtering system is checked monthly by the government. Firstly the wastewater is filtered at the factory and sent to the industrial area where it is filtered again. 

    They are a trusted long-time partner of our suppliers Sarp Jeans and Merger and are located nearby.

  • LOCATION – Izmir, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 74
    PRODUCTS – Jeans, Chinos
    CERTIFICATION – GOTS, BSCI & Fair Wear audited
    LAST VISIT – 2024

    SARP is a factory founded in 1983 and located in the south of Türkiye. They have been a sustainable denim manufacturer for over 30 years now and are strongly committed to making sustainability more than just a trend. Their goal is to solely produce sustainable items. Since 2018 they updated the linked laundry that can make beautiful & sustainable washes, measured by the Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) score of Jeanologia. For this, they use sustainable lasers, ozone, and other innovative techniques that save a lot of water and chemicals.

    The first Kuyichi denim by their hand was launched in stores in March 2018. They are GOTS-certified and have been audited by the Fair Wear Foundation. We visit SARP regularly during our Türkiye visits.

  • LOCATION – Karachi, Pakistan
    WORKERS – 4100
    PRODUCTS – Jeans, Denim Jackets
    CERTIFICATION – GOTS, GRS, Higg Index (Social Labour & Environmental), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OCS, OEKO-TEX, OHSAS 18001, RCS, SA 8000, ZDHC
    WEBSITE – &

    Soorty is a manufacturer of denim garments, established in 1983 and located in Pakistan. Soorty is a leading company when it comes to sustainability and innovation. They are a big company producing millions of denim each month strongly dedicated to offering the most innovative, environmentally friendly, and pro-social technologies available.

    Soorty has brought its vision towards vertical sustainability to life by minimizing its waste, water, and energy footprints throughout all steps of the manufacturing process. Soorty has an in-house spinning mill and laundry which means they make the jeans from raw fiber to final product. Their laundry measures all washes with the EIM score of Jeanologia.

  • LOCATION – Tanger, Morocco
    WORKERS – 145
    PRODUCTS – Leather belts

    We do love our vegan products! However, we can always appreciate the durability of a good leather belt. Sun Belts Europe is our partner in making these quality belts, located close to Europe in the North of Morocco, Tanger. They are committed to using the hides to the fullest, by minimising their waste and recycling the leftovers whenever possible.

    Sun Belts Europe is regularly audited by BSCI. They only use European leather that meets the requirements of CAT1. Even all the buckles and other trims are produced in Europe, as are the – Italian-made – buckles we use for our belts.

    Van Zon Mode is our intermediate for our belts. They have a profound knowledge of leather goods, are partial owners of Sun Belts Europe, and visit them regularly.

  • LOCATION – Kırklareli, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 200
    PRODUCTS – Denim
    LAST VISIT – September 2024

    System Denim has a factory in Kırklareli, north of Istanbul. They step up and strive for a better future by producing denim that respects nature and people. Their factory does the cutting, sewing, and washing of the denim. Their laundry in the facility uses ozone, laser, and air-drying technology. System Denim is powered by renewable energy from solar panels on their roof, making them future-proof. The roof also collects rainwater to use for their laundry, and 95% of the water used is recycled, saving 154 million litres of water per year! In this way, they aim to leave a sustainability legacy to future generations. They are annually audited by SEDEX and are GOTS & GRS certified. 


  • LOCATION - Istanbul, Türkiye
    WORKERS - 8
    PRODUCTS -  Jersey Fabrics
    LAST VISIT - 2024

    With over 20 years of experience, Arasia Textile provides high-quality knitted fabric from Istanbul, Türkiye. They both supply dyed and ready-to-dye fabrics. 

    At Arasia Textile, they are highly committed to sustainable production, they carefully select their raw materials and constantly improve their knitting and dyeing processes. They obtained a wide range of certifications, from organic (GOTS & OCS) to recycled standards (GRS & RCS). Some of these standards also have high requirements in environmental and chemical management. We mainly use their 100% organic cotton jersey fabrics, but also other fiber contents are used in our collection, like TENCELTM Modal.

  • LOCATION – Denizli, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 210
    PRODUCTS – Woven fabrics

    Atateks is a woven fabric supplier and a close contact with SARP jeans. They produce the fabrics for our chino styles. The company was founded in 1995 and at that time started with 24 picanol weaving machines, nowadays they have over 155 optimax weaving machinery and have built knowledge specifically on fabrics for shirts, outerwear, and trousers.

    In their facility, they work on operating as environmentally conscious as possible, reducing waste streams and emissions where possible. The Atateks fabrics Kuyichi uses are GOTS certified, but they also produce fabrics with recycled fibers under GRS certificate.

  • LOCATION – Adana, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 1379
    PRODUCTS – Denim fabrics
    LAST VISIT - September 2022

    Bossa is one of our fabric suppliers in Adana, established in 1951. They’re one of the best mills in Türkiye. Bossa only uses cotton that is better made, of which 10% is organic – what we use – and the other 90% is Better Cotton (BCI).

    Since 2018 Bossa has been a no-waste facility, reusing all waste streams into new fabrics. They have extensive environmental, energy, and social policies. They are a truly transparent company, reporting about sustainability goals, standards, and social projects thoroughly on their website. As they state themselves: ”We define sustainability as continuous development that helps meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

  • LOCATION – Ödemis, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 63
    PRODUCTS – Knitted fabrics
    LAST VISIT - 2024

    Mert Ipek was founded in 1949 and is a fabric and garment producer with a strong focus on natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, wool, and silk. As Kuyichi we mainly use their linen fabrics.

    In 1988 Zeki Mert started building the factory in Ödemis after his father passed away. This factory is a strong connector in the local community. They have education programs about textiles at the local schools and have internship programs at their factory.

    Accompanied by their focus on natural fibers also comes the focus on organic fabrics. They are a GOTS-certified company and try to limit their environmental impact in everything they do.

  • LOCATION – Cabezón de la Sal, Spain
    WORKERS – 800
    PRODUCTS – Woven fabrics

    Textil Santanderina is the spinning, weaving, and finishing facility of the Santanderina group. It was founded back in 1923 and is based in the North of Spain. They are known for their environmental and social commitment. They have a strong R&D department, that innovates to reduce resource consumption and waste creation.

    Kuyichi uses Textil Santanderina's woven fabrics for our shirts. With their strong commitment to the environment, they have a strong fabric portfolio with organic and recycled fibers and they can provide us with the fabric certificates we aim for. They've also developed (natural) dyeing techniques that reduce water and chemical consumption. In conclusion, they are a supplier that has the same vision as us and therefore a valued partner.


  • LOCATION - Izmir, Türkiye
    WORKERS - 300 farmers
    PRODUCTS - Organic Cotton
    LAST VISIT - September 2022

    Akasya is a cooperative of farmers in Izmir, Türkiye. From the heart of the organic Aidin agricultural region, 300 farmers produce organic cotton, organic sultana raisins and organic figs. By joining forces, farmers can improve and rely on each other more easily.

    They are committed to social responsibility and continuous improvement; Akasya farmers produce under certificates of IFOAM, the worldwide accredited certification collection for organic farming practices. It facilitates farmers' transition to organic agriculture and raises awareness of the need for sustainable production and consumption. Akasya also has a cooperative of ginners that ensures the raw cotton harvest is cleaned and ready for the spinner.

  • LOCATION – Baspinar, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 89
    PRODUCTS – Recycled fibres

    We strive to use more and more (post-consumer) recycled fibres in our pure goods. To make old discarded and worn-out denim into new regenerated jeans, you need to shred them into small pieces until the garments have turned back to fibres again.

    To make Post-Consumer Recycled Denim (PCRD) you need knowledgeable partners. Gama is our shredding partner and the largest regenerative yarn producer in Türkiye. Most of these PCRD fibres come from discarded Turkish denim, but Gama also shreds the Dutch denim we collect. Besides, they’re specialised in recycling old PET bottles into new recycled polyester fibres. They’re located close to and are a long-time partner of Bossa, one of our Turkish denim mills that supply us with PCRD fabrics. On their website, you can see how many old garments and PET bottles they have turned into fibres this day, this month and this year!

  • LOCATION – Different facilities, Austria, Czech Republik and others.
    WORKERS – A lot
    PRODUCTS – Man-made materials
    CERTIFICATION – EU Ecolabel, ISO 140001, OEKO-TEX, OHSAS 18001, RCS

    All man-made fibres we use are by the hands of the people of Lenzing. Because, if you want to go more sustainable with your fibres, Lenzing is the way to go. Their production process has actually won multiple innovation awards and their lyocell is so common, that their fibre name Tencel has become a synonym. Their fibres are certified by multiple standards like, EU Ecolabel and OEKO-TEX 100.

    Lenzing has a big commitment to circularity and tries to implement this in everything they do. That's why they produce their fibres in closed loop systems, reusing all that is possible and repurposing all that can't be reused. All wood they use to make their fibres comes from sustainably managed forests. From their circular mindset they've also started to us cotton scraps as a resource for their Refibra fibres. Their ultimate goal is to use post-consumer clothing, to fully close the loop. One thing is certain: Lenzing is part of the positive change that is going on in the fashion industry.

  • LOCATION - UK, Singapore
    WORKERS - 3000 (total company)
    PRODUCTS - LYCRA® Elastane, T400® EcoMade

    The Lycra Company is well-known around the world. Lycra fibre was invented over 60 years ago and set a high standard for stretch fibres in the industry. The company's name, Lycra, has even become synonymous with its main product, elastane. Lycra Company is our supplier of LYCRA® Elastane and T400® EcoMade. These materials ensure durability and high comfort in our jeans. Stretch that lasts!

    Lycra Company is always trying to increase the sustainability profile of its products. For instance, more than 65% of the overall fibre content in LYCRA® T400® EcoMade fibre comes from recycled plastics and renewable plant-based resources. Almost all of their facilities are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, and most of their fibres are too. The Lycra facility in Singapore has been granted the Material Health Certificate at the Gold Level from Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard.

  • LOCATION – Ponte a Egola, Italy
    WORKERS – 26
    PRODUCTS – Leather hides
    CERTIFICATION – Consorzio Pelle al Vegetale, Leather Working Group, ZDHC

    The leather used for our belts comes from Montana, a tanner in Tuscany. Montana is a family-owned company with over 20 years of experience in vegetable tanning. Being a member of the Leather Working Group this tanner is audited on social and environmental topics, such as chemicals (conform ZDHC), energy use, (waste)water, traceability, and housekeeping.

    Montana is also part of the ‘Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale’ together with 20 other Tuscany tanneries. Also known as the ‘Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium’ in English. Since 1994, these tanneries committed to upholding the heritage of genuine Italian leather, Vachetta, produced following the traditional methods for vegetable tanning.


  • LOCATION – Istanbul, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 20
    PRODUCTS – Hangtags
    LAST VISIT - May 2019

    APxpress is a trim supplier that can make all kinds of trims, from labels & hangtags to all kinds of buttons. They make our woven labels, entirely made from recycled polyester. You can find these labels for instance in the waistband of our jeans and as a folded label over the hem of our tops.

    In 1980 APxpress was founded in the United Kingdom to supply to the at that time thriving fashion industry. To keep our trim suppliers as local as possible, we make use of their Turkey facility. Their sustainable mindset shows for instance in the fact that all their facilities are powered by 100% renewable sources.

  • LOCATION – Ambasamudram, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 901
    PRODUCTS – Sewing thread
    CERTIFICATION – GOTS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GRS, OCS, IATF 16949

    Coats has been making yarns for over 250 years now and is the world's leading industrial threads supplier. Almost every bit of thread you find in our styles comes from them. They’re constantly working on lowering their environmental impact by looking at waste, water, and energy use during their manufacturing and packaging processes. They report annually about the progress they make. Coats is also a member of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Programme.

    All the manufacturers of Coats are bound to their employment standards. They have different programs and processes to educate their employees about health & safety and ethics. Besides conventional threads, we also use their Ecoverde 100% Recycled Polyester threads.

  • LOCATION – Piove di Sacco, Italy
    WORKERS – 63
    PRODUCTS – Vegan patches

    Since 2016 we’ve used jacron – a washable paper – patches on the back of our jeans. But we kept searching for an even better substitute. Until we found the Viridis patch at Panama trimmings. These green PU patches are made from 48% corn polyols, 26% cotton, and normal PU – with no impact on the food chain.

    In 2019 they made a bold statement with the slogan: ‘Stop fucking the planet’. And they practice what they preach. The roof of their facility is stacked with solar panels, completely covering their energy demand. Besides, they offer a wide range of more sustainable patches and other products, for instance, made from recycled, vegan and biobased materials.

  • LOCATION - Istanbul, Türkiye
    WORKERS - 150
    PRODUCTS -  Non-metal buttons
    CERTIFICATION - Higg Facility Social & Labor Module, OEKO-TEX

    In 1991 Red Button was founded in Istanbul, Türkiye. They are a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal, polyester, natural, and fabric-covered buttons.  from Instanbul, Turkey. Their slogan is, therefore: ‘Because we all need closure’.

    They are strongly committed to sustainable development projects in all their manufacturing processes, from raw materials to the end as finished products. They’re a button supplier with a sustainable heart. Their recycled polyester buttons are verified through REPREVE certification to ensure high sustainability standards. The natural bio-based offer comes with traceability to the biodegradable category. Red Button also developed its “Okeanos” method, which enhances energy efficiency and minimises environmental effects. They use this method for its metal button line. We mainly use their recycled polyester buttons, but we also have some natural vegan buttons in the collection.

  • LOCATION – Edirne, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 20
    PRODUCTS – Labels
    LAST VISIT – May 2019

    In our quest to move production of trims more locally, we found Vintage Trimming. They make different kinds of trims, such as patches, hangtags, and woven labels. Over the last couple of years, they’ve expanded their sustainable offer, mostly focused on bringing more recycled options. Vintage Trimmings also continuously works on improving the efficiency and reducing the waste streams of their production. Besides, they make use of solar energy for their facility.

    For Kuyichi, all the paper hangtags and overriders for our Turkish products come from their hand. All our hangtags and overriders are made from recycled paper, which means that they have a lower environmental impact.

  • LOCATION – Kapakli, Türkiye
    WORKERS – 282
    PRODUCTS – Buttons, Rivets & Zippers
    CERTIFICATION – Bluesign, Higg Index (Social & Environmental), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OEKO-TEX & OHSAS 18001
    LAST VISIT – May 2019

    YKK is a famous zipper supplier. If there is a zipper in your clothing there is a big chance it is made by YKK. In Kuyichi denim you can find YKK zips, metal buttons, and rivets. They have a beautiful philosophy: ‘No one prospers without rendering benefit to others’, referred to by them as the Cycle of Goodness.

    To transform this philosophy into action they have set up guidelines and strict policies. YKK has policies for different subjects, such as conflict materials, wastewater treatment, and recycling. They measure their environmental and social impact with the Higg Index. They are constantly innovating and implementing new technologies like fast-dying processes and the development of biodegradable products.