Behind the scenes

Last month we did some shooting with a great team to photograph our new collection of sweaters and t-shirts. Find here some behind the scenes images made with a disposable camera.

Fashion Revolution fanzine

Fashion Revolution news!

‘What happens to your money when you purchase clothing? Who is getting a bad deal, and what can you do about it?’ Read all about it in the Fashion Revolution fanzine: ‘ MONEY FASHION POWER’

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Floortje Dessing launches KUYICHI store in Den Bosch (NL)

Floortje Dessing, co-owner of fair fashion store Nukuhiva launches a new fashion store in city centre Den Bosch dedicated to KUYICHI jeans.

KUYICHI had always been a valuable asset tot the Nukuhiva stores, when the brand ran into financial trouble earlier this year. Floortje and her associates Peter Schuitema and Guido Keff initiated a rescue to ensure KUYICHI’s renaissance.

Floortje: ’KUYICHI is such a beautiful Dutch brand. It shows – like no other – that fair trade and sustainability can be cool and fashionable’.

The Den Bosch store will sell both brand new KUYICHI apparel as well as other labels and accessories that embrace sustainable production.

Store manager Erik Kuijsten: ‘We called the store ‘’KUYCHI & Friends’’. That covers it all. The ambiance of the Den Bosch’ inner city is a perfect match with our formula of slow selling. We are so excited to move in a beautiful monumental space in Kolperstraat 23’.

The grand opening is Saturday 10 December, 17:00 hours.

Just an ordinary wonderful Friday

Our inbox is flooded with Black Friday emails. Black Friday Sale 60% off – €3 Deals – up to 70% off – This weekend only Black Friday collection from €4,99 – Sale up to 80% off.

Traditionally, today is Black Friday — the day after Thanksgiving when mass holiday shopping kicks off. Brands have announced their large sales and give additional Black Friday discounts for the weekend.

There’s no Black Friday at KUYICHI. Not a single item with discount prices. Earlier this year, we stopped discounting our collection. We do not partake in a cultural craze with permanent sales and a race to the bottom. We believe that clothing is not a disposable item at the price of a frappuccino or a gin-tonic.

Every clothing item is hand made by many hands, often at the far side of the world. Every item has traveled thousands of miles from the cotton field to a spinning mill, from weaving plant to a factory, and finally from distribution warehouse to your local store. Is that worth a mere €5? At this price, an item cannot be fairly made.

KUYICHI has embraced the principle of slow fashion. We believe in producing fair and sustainable products. We say that clothing does not need to be old and gone after two months, but that it keeps its value. Clothing does not corrupt. We choose a good story over discount prices.

So, don’t have yourself a Black Friday, but just an ordinary wonderful Friday.

Clip about Black Friday from the film ‘The True Cost‘ >>


Just Like Your Mom: Tour Support and Catering

“Just Like Your Mom, we will take good care of you”

Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden and Germany: the catering Just Like Your Mom, is on the rise and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Whether they are touring with bands, working at festivals or doing backstage catering, they always succeed in providing everyone with the best, most tasty food. And that’s not the only thing, it’s all 100% plant-based as well. Just Like Your Mom is making a huge difference in the contemporary way people at festivals eat. They try to make a difference and make people think about what they actually consume. Besides that, they also show you how easy it is to eat plant-based food.
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Kuyichi X Jean School Collaboration Part III

As we all know, time flies by so quickly and it once again did. After several weeks of very hard work and a lot of creative energy the talented students of the Jean School finished their collection for the KUYICHI x JEAN SCHOOL Collaboration! Last week KUYICHI had the pleasure of visiting the Jean School one last time for their final presentation. We were happily surprised and impressed by the combination of minimalistic and innovative designs. The concept ‘Modern Utility’ was based on the utilitarian style fusing into a modern context, aiming to design a collection for young adolescents with a sense of style and awareness of sustainable living. Within this concept the students made a coherent collection, which was a challenge they conquered for sure! We would love to thank the Jean School talents one last time. The inspiring designs definitely made our blue hearts beat faster.
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Kuyichi X Jean School Collaboration Part II

KUYICHI believes in the inspiring vision of the next generation of denim professionals, therefore we collaborate with the second year class of the Jeanschool in Amsterdam! Now that the KUYICHI x JEANSCHOOL Collaboration has nearly come to an end we’ve visited the Jeanschool one last time. We’ve checked with the students and their designs one last time, this same day Çalik denim gave an inspiring lecture about sustainability within their company. During our visit we had the pleasure of interviewing Isabelle and Stef again. This time we’ve talked about their process, challenges and their view on sustainability.
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Blazinbell: ‘Each product deserves your love and energy, Take your time to create and people will notice.’

Amsterdam based designer Blazinbell believes a product deserves her love, energy and time. KUYICHI agrees with this way of approaching design, shouldn’t we all love the products we create deeply? Over the past few years KUYICHI and Blazinbell collaborated multiple times for many beautiful reasons. Her handcrafted garments are built out of a zero waste philosophy, designed with pure passion. For her, a great design isn’t restricted to certain elements and rules. With patchwork as her signature she has an intuitive way of working and surrounds herself with creative freedom. Recently Blazinbell designed beautiful sweaters for KUYICHI, only using postconsumer waste denim. KUYICHI had the chance of meeting Blazinbell at her atelier and interviewing her. Proudly we would like to introduce you to this great designer and her beautiful products!
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Lena The Fashion Library – ‘There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come’

Do you live in Amsterdam? Consider yourself lucky!

LENA, an innovative concept established by four future-minded women opened her doors a few months ago! Quality, sharing and re-using are key elements at this fashion library. Just like Kuyichi, the ambitious founders wanted to create more awareness around mass-consumption and inspire others to think before you buy. So many beautiful garments are serving most of their lifetime in a closet and mass-consumption has take over the industry. Together with LENA we believe this is such a needless waste. Instead of buying a garment, LENA is now creating the new possibility of renting one, based on the sharing economy. In this way you update your wardrobe in a responsible manner. Innovative, creative and no need to be bored with this endless closet!
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Kuyichi X Jean School Collaboration

At Kuyichi, we think it’s important to inspire the ones around us and share the knowledge we have rather than keeping it to ourselves. We are part of a bigger plan and sharing knowledge with each other will only contribute to the greater good and our ideals. Kuyichi believes in the inspiring vision of the next generation of denim professionals, that’s why we collaborated with the second year class of the Jean School in Amsterdam!
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Kuyichi opens its factory doors

Haarlem, The Netherlands – Kuyichi, the sustainable denim brand will communicate fully transparent about its production chain. It is now possible to find out how, where and by whom the Kuyichi products are made. Unique in the fashion industry, which is often under attack because of poor working conditions of factory workers and environmental pollution.

Kuyichi hopes to inspire and encourage others with this innovative initiative.
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Kuyichi X Jean School Salvage Challenge

At KUYICHI, we aim to share our knowledge and raise awareness for sustainability and recycling, one fair pair of jeans at the time. That’s why we challenged Jean Schoolstudents to create a collection of cool denim garments from leftover fabrics. They gladly accepted! Read on to discover the students’ first ideas for salvaged denim goods.
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New arrivals with a fair story: Meet the Inti Knitters

For KUYICHI’s Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection, we collaborated with the independent handmade knitwear label INTI. Each garment is entirely handcrafted by one of the lovelyINTI knitters. Sometimes they knit at home, alone, or surrounded by their family. When the weather is nice they gather outside and work together while chatting.

The personal touch of each woman who created the garment makes every knit unique. You can feel it holds all their love and dedication! We would like to thank Donna, Elisa, Nancy, Veronica, Olga, Mercedes and all the other fantastic people at INTI for making such exceptional pieces.

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