Trends are circular give-back program

Trends are circular give-back program

Trends are Circular

Fashion trends may change over the seasons, but they always return. From the preppy look in the '60s, the flower power from the '70s, to denim-on-denim in the '80s, and the grunge look from the '90s. With our 'Trends are Circular' campaign, we show you that all these trends are worn again nowadays. If you've stopped wearing your Kuyichi items, someone else can still enjoy them. That is why we want to give 'unsellable' and previously worn Kuyichi items a second chance. You receive store credit for your old pieces. We repair, refurbish, and resell your worn Kuyichi items to be loved again. Because garments that remain unworn are one of the bigger challenges of circularity. Trends are Circular, your Kuyichi items can be too!


1. Share info

Let us know what type of item you want to give back in the give-back portal. We accept everything except for accessories and T-shirts. Specifically any jeans, pants, jackets, dresses, shorts, skirts, shirts, sweaters and knits. Worn to tear, ripped at the knee, or as good as new. We can work with anything as long as it is a true Kuyichi original.

2. Pack it up

Make sure you've washed your garment and securely pack your item in a durable bag or box. You will receive an already paid-for postage label to print and stick on your package.

3. send it for free

Drop off the package at a designated nearby post office or courier and send it on its way. You will receive information about your shipment partner via email. We only provide free shipments for shipments within the Netherlands.

4. receive your reward

Once your item is received and checked by our team, you'll receive a discount code of five euros per item to use at your next checkout in our online shop. On top of that, you’ll get a clean conscience and a good feeling for free.

5. loved again

Your item will be repaired or refurbished, and resold in our Trends are Circular online shop, giving it a new home and keeping them out of landfills. Is it no longer wearable? Then we will make sure it is recycled.

Closing the loop

At Kuyichi, we believe we are responsible for what happens to our clothes once we no longer want or can use them, even if they are worn to tear. That's why we launched the Trends are Circular give-back program to give our clothing a second life and prevent it from ending up in landfills. By thinking circularly, we can work towards an industry that the earth can handle. With your support, we will make fashion circular! Because unworn clothes are one of the bigger challenges of circularity.

COMING SOON: Shop Trends are Circular

We will drop the given-back Kuyichi items in our Trends are Circular shop. By giving them a second chance, we are doing a favour to the planet. Buying second-hand garments is definitely better for the environment.

The items we sell again from our Trends are Circular give-back program, are preowned Kuyichi clothes that had minor defects. If necessary, they are repaired or refurbished. Any repairs will always be mentioned with the product. In addition to these items, we will also sell second-choice and returned items that can not go back into stock. This way, we find a purpose for all Kuyichi items.

We'll occasionally have limited drops at our online shop. Do you want to stay in the loop and be the first to find out about the Trends are Circular drops? Sign up for our newsletter below.


About ⅓ of all clothing produced in the world is never sold, not even in the sale. On top of that, 73% of all - used or unused - clothing is burned or ends up in a landfill. Even though we only take back our own authentic Kuyichi originals, it doesn’t mean that other garments don’t deserve a second life. This also holds for Kuyichi garments that you can't give back to us, like T-shirts and accessories. In our end-of-life blog, we’ll tell you how to properly dispose of these clothing items!
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