Peru, south-america

Our journey started in 1998 in Peru, South America. The founders of Kuyichi, NGO Solidaridad, were exploring the cotton industry in Peru and were shocked by the pollution and the poverty they saw. This had to change.

First for organic

Solidaridad started collaborating with local cotton farmers, rewarding them and everyone involved in the supply chain, for their hard work and stimulating them to produce fair and organic cotton. Without the use of toxic chemicals. But no brands were interested in buying organic fabrics and end products at that time, because it was too expensive.

The most commonly worn product made of cotton is a pair of jeans.

The denim industry is also one of the most polluting ones in the entire fashion industry, so we started making 100% organic denim as the first brand ever. We’re still very proud of this and making a positive change in fashion is still what we’re here for.

Our name

Kuyichi was named after the Peruvian God of the rainbow, who brings colour and positivity to society. We’re here to do the same in the fashion industry: we want to create a system that makes life fun and enjoyable for everyone in the chain.

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All of our products are made from organic and recycled materials, by people who are treated and paid right. With these pure goods, we strive for true sustainability. To make sure you know what you’re wearing, we carefully select our suppliers and partners. We take full responsibility for everything we do, both socially and environmentally.

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Only organic cotton policy

Since 2016, all the cotton we use is certified organic cotton with a proof certificate document. Organic crops are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides. The use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides harms the environment and communities. Organic farming is all about a balanced ecosystem, where healthy soils aid clean waters, promoting better development of crops. Organic is better for the people who farm it and for your own skin. We have an ‘Organic Cotton Only’-policy that all our suppliers have to comply with.

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A beautiful pair of jeans only increases in value and starts telling a story the longer you wear them. That’s why we have let go of the seasonal collections and focus on timeless essentials. Furthermore, we’ve decided to stop practicing sale. We believe the products’ value doesn’t change over time and that the products should always have a fair price for the consumer, the retailers, and the people who make our clothes. Read our complete vision on sale here. We also think that recycling is a big part of the solution as well. That’s why we work with different partners to make beautiful new things out of old denim. A part of our denim fabrics consists of Post Consumer Recycled Denim (made from old collected jeans).

pure production

We like to keep things clear and transparent. Transparency is the first step toward a sustainable supply chain. If you know where your products are produced, you can start to improve practices throughout the chain. We’re proud to work with every single one of our partners. That’s why we choose to explicitly name and explain all of our suppliers.

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Pure Materials

At Kuyichi we take great care in the design of our pure goods focusing on the development of timeless products that can become your favourite. Not only do they have to stand the continuous change of trends, they should also be worn until they tear. We choose high-quality materials and work on the longevity of our jeans constantly to achieve this. We love to give you some more info on the different materials and processes that we use.

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